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Property in Hungary Hungary is a country in which you can still find endless uninterrupted nature and complete peace and quietness. The amazing countryside and superb, almost Mediterranean, weather guarantees total relaxation and peace of mind. With its rolling hills, ancient forests and great lakes, Hungary is a country not to miss out on.
But don’t think you're going 200 years back in time! Hungary is a full member of the European Union and has a fast growing economy. So a city with shopping centres and a huge 24/7 Tesco hypermarket is never that far away.

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Houses for sale in Hungary We are an Hungarian based official real estate agency who's soul purpose it is to help people find a home, investment, company or any kind of real estate in Hungary that is, naturally, to their likings and for a good price. We are not the “wheeling and dealing” type of real estate agent that is only interested in taking your hard earned money as soon as possible and not caring less about proper juditional conduct as is required by Hungarian law. We are here to help people find a home and guide them through the official process that the purchase of a property in Hungary requires.